John 1:10-14

John 1:10-14

John 1:14Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired August 25, 2002.

Jesus came and stepped on [the Pharisee’s] tradition. He didn’t care about the length of a man’s hair. He didn’t care if a man’s clothes were clean or dirty. He didn’t care what you looked like on the outside. Jesus cared about what was on the inside of a man. He knew there was darkness there… He came into the world because of the darkness and He was looking as a Light shining directly into the darkness of men’s hearts. He was exposing us for who we are, and let me tell you something. I don’t like it when I’m exposed. I don’t like it when men know who I am. I have taken great care to make myself look like a good person. I have taken great care to make myself act like a proper human being. But then Jesus comes along and He exposes me for the rat that I am. This is what He did for the Pharisees. He began to expose men for who they really were. Men living in darkness, struggling in their hearts, struggling in their minds… Jesus comes along and exposes who men were, and they didn’t like it, so they did not receive Him. They wanted nothing to do with Him…

The rights that you and I have been given are the rights of an adopted child. When we receive, when we believe that Jesus came to this world to deal with our darkness, and we believe that it was Jesus Who cared enough to deal with that darkness, and we receive Him because of what He’s done, we become children, adopted children with all of the rights and privileges of a child that has been adopted into a family. He gave us the right to live as His children. He gave us the right to dwell in heaven. He gave us the right to partake of all that heaven has to offer. And I know there’s many people out there who would say, “Yes! Now that I’m a child of God, I can name it and claim it!” But that’s not what I’m saying. We have the rights of a child and with rights comes responsibility to know what our Father wants for us; to understand the direction He would have us to go. It’s not about me just walking out into the world and claiming things for myself, but knowing that the Father wants me to have those things and waiting for Him to make it happen in my life. Not rushing ahead. Not using that same lust of possession. And I believe that’s where many people who claim to be Christians find themselves. Now they just think they have some legal right to claim things for themselves. But it’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about what the Father wants. Does the Father want you to have a nice, new home? Does the Father want you to have a nice, new car? If you believe that that is the proof of God working in your life, then I would say it is a sad commentary, then, on the rest of the world who finds themselves suffering, some in prison, some having had everything stripped away including their right to live because they face execution simply because they themselves believed Jesus and received, and now they are made to suffer. They don’t have a nice, new car. They don’t have a nice, new house. They don’t have a good job. They don’t have a good income. They spend their time in prison waiting for an executioner to come and lop off their head… [Some people think] they must not be very good Christians because they’ve had to live this life that does not “prove” how much God loves them. It has nothing to do with what we have. It has to do with what the Father’s will is, and the rights that we have as a child of God. Once I’ve received, once I’ve believed, then I step into rights that bring responsibility. Do you realize that with rights comes responsibilities, and sometimes those responsibilities ask of us very difficult things instead of me receiving good things. Sometimes that responsibility requires me to give good things, and to be part of making sure that everybody else is comfortable when I’m not comfortable…

It’s not about my comfort. It’s not about my heaven. It’s not about my to, and He has called you to a life that is in relationship to Him. Do you want to know what it is to be a child of God? To be a child of God means that you have rights. You are given the right to become children of God. Children born supernaturally through the Spirit of God in you to live out, then, the responsibilities that God will give you. To know God’s will. To know the Father’s desire for you. To be led by the Father’s Spirit. To go into whatever situation He may lead you into. And it may not be fun, and it may not be pretty, and it may not even involve wealth, but if the Father has called you, understand, He is going to work out for you all that you need in order to live as a proper child of God…

[Jesus] came because He was full of grace and truth. Truth is something that we don’t know much about these days. We live so much for ourself, for the lie that we’ve created in our life, that we don’t understand truth, but as we walk in Jesus we being to understand that the truth is God the Father loves those that are lost. Jesus came to prove that love to us. He dwelt with us. Therefore, we need to dwell with those who would also be rejected and hurt, who are separate from the Father.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 41-42