How & What To Pray For

How & What To Pray For

How and What to Pray For
Acts 4:23-31
Sept. 25, 2022

VS 23 – “they went”: Where do you go or how do you react when faced with a
trial or situation?

VS 24 – “Sovereign Lord”: God is in charge and God is in control of all things. God
is able to override all other powers.
REF: Job 42:2, Daniel 4:35, Isaiah 46:8-10, Romans 11:36, Isaiah 30:18, Psalm
135:6, Proverbs 16:33
“If he did not rule over all he would not be sovereign. There are no restrictions to
God’s sovereignty, there are no designated areas that are off limits to His rule.” –
Steven Lawson

VS 27 – “For Truly”: applying the Scripture to current times.

VS 28 – “to do whatever your hand … predestined”: God is in control and His plan
is coming to pass as He sees fit. Predestined- to be or become determined ahead
of time or before it’s occurrence.
How are we ought to pray based off our knowledge of Who God is?

VS 29 – “Speak you word … all Boldness”: Absolute trust in who God is.
“Unshakable conviction that God’s promises are true with the courage to act and
speak accordingly.” – Matthew Everhard

All ministry cost something. What are you willing to surrender?

Reference 1Thessalonians 2:2-4

VS 30 – “While you”: God is faithful. Do you trust Him?

VS 31 – “filled with the Holy Spirit … continued to speak”: you can’t proclaim what
you don’t have.

God is absolutely sovereign which should lead us to pray for boldness!