Ephesians 5:1-21

Ephesians 5:1-21

Ephesians 5:1-21, September 29, 2019

Living as Darkness to Living as Children of Light

Children’s Game “Simon Says” vs What our Savior Says to do and to say is the idea behind verses 1-21

1-7 Love 8-14 Light 15-21 Wisdom

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with His Spirit so we will be empowered to do Christ’s work in our lives. This actually comes near the end of today’s message but it is where we will begin. (slide)

5:1-2  Follow God’s Example / Be Imitators of God  


walk (Strong’s 4303) – peripateō (per-eē-pä-taō) – to tread all around, i.e. walk at large; figuratively, to live   (examples)

sacrifice defined – the act of giving up something of value for the sake of something or someone else

5:3-7 DARKNESS City of Ephesus was well known for its rampant sexual immorality, a place of no morals.

 But among you, the Christians, Paul says, “There must not be even a hint of sexual immorality (pornia)!” Why was Paul saying this? Was the culture infecting the church? It was certainly at risk of doing so. Is the same true for us today? We know the risk is the same for us today, perhaps as never before in our country. For those whose language and behavior is such the Wrath of God is coming. Again, is it true for us today? The adult entertainment industry in America is a 13 billion dollar business annually. 50+%25+% Age 11. There is help in bringing it into the light, bringing it to Jesus. What kind of sin are we talking about in Ephesus anyway as all sin misses the mark, but all sin is not the same.

5:8-14 LIGHT  An analogy we share with Jesus.

We are light, so we live as children of light.

How do we know if we are light? Church, giving, etc … even the unsaved can do all of this. So how do we know? 

It is the fruit of the light goodness, righteousness and truth.

Why are we to live as children of the light? Why? Two reasons 5:1 and 5:14

The reason we are imitators of God is because Daddy God loves us and Big Brother Jesus got up out of the grave! The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power God demonstrates in each of our lives. 

5:15-17 WISDOM  Be careful, be wise. Time runs out, make the most of it. Invest your time wisely. Make the most of every opportunity for Jesus in these evil days ensuring that your life is a force for the good. As we are of the light, no longer of the darkness, we are to walk as one who is truly wise, contrasted with the lost who are unwise. How is this to be? By understanding the will of the Lord. How do we do this? Read the Bible, go to church & listen, go to Bible study, pray, ask Him for understanding.  

5:17-20 WISDOM & THANKS  Contrast between drunkenness and being filled with the Spirit could not be stronger.  One leads to debauchery and the other to giving thanks to God the Father – our Good Daddy. We are not to follow our heart, but to do what the Lord wants us to do. Paul is telling us to follow the Lord. It is not always easy and certainly not always fun. Many times it involves sacrifices we do not want to make. It involves not doing something we want to do, giving up something we don’t want to give up, but Paul says do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Being filled with the Spirit is different than the indwelling of the Spirit when we are saved which happens once and only once. The purpose of being filled by the Spirit is for empowerment and we return to where we began this message.  This occurs throughout Acts and the first time it is spoken of is in Acts 1:8 and 2:4. Be continuously filled so that we might be empowered to live this life we are called to live. 

Sometimes we don’t want to give thanks, instead we want to whine and grumble all the time. We can choose to do this and grieve the Holy Spirit, but it is a choice, it is our choice.

And we have so very much to be thankful for – salvation, for each new day, for Your love for me, that You hear my prayers, thanks we live in a time of ‘milk and honey’. Spend time Psalms to see how David was always giving thanks no matter his circumstances.  

5:21 SUBMISSION  This is the mark of a spirit filled believer because none of us like to submit to another.

Each is to be ‘subject to’ the other and responsive to the whole. ‘In the fear of Christ.’ A reminder that while we rejoice in His goodness and exult in His love, we must still remain in awe of His power and authority. And thus we return to where we began in verse one of this chapter