Don’t Miss Him

Don’t Miss Him

Luke 19:11-48

Sunday, May 22, 2022


Luke 19:11 – “tell a parable” … It was intended to correct the false expectations of the disciples about Christ’s kingdom.

Luke 19:15 – “When he returned … ordered these servants … to be called to Him” … This is symbolic of Christ’s second coming and how everyone is accountable to judgement.

Luke 19:16 – “Your mina” … There is humility in knowing we having nothing to boast of. All that we have, we have received.

Luke 19:21 – “I was afraid of you” … Fear of the Lord is not always bad. However when fear is mixed with excuse one may start misrepresenting God and then try to excuse themselves for not loving and serving Him.

Luke 19:30 – “you will find a colt tied” … Christ has perfect knowledge. These passages remind us that Jesus Christ is not only man, He is also God.

Luke 19:37 – “the whole multitude … began to rejoice” … Jesus accepted the praise, unlike His previous tendency. Why the change?

Luke 19:41 – “He wept over it” … Jesus has tender compassion on everyone., Both sinner and believer.

Luke 19:44 – “because you did not know” … Not all ignorance is excusable. When people should know the truth and refuse to know it, their guilt is very great in God’s sight.

Luke 19:45 – “It is written” … How well do you know your bible? Can you address sin from scripture?

Luke 19:45 – “a house of prayer” … Reverence is due at every place where God is worshipped. Does this house glorify God or profane Him?