Don’t Count Me Out

Don’t Count Me Out

Don’t Count Me Out

Acts 9:1-19

Nov. 20, 2022

VS 1“Still breathing”: We are now jumping back to Saul from 8:1-3. If pure evil never rests; should love?  

VS 4“Why are you persecuting me”: Jesus, The Risen Lord, viewed the persecution of his disciples as an attack on himself. Jesus is identifying himself with the church.

VS 5“I am Jesus”: Proclaiming deity. (John 8:58) Remember God with Moses (Exodus 3:14) 

VS 8“although his eyes were open, he saw nothing”: Paul is now physically blinded to become humbled. 

Saul is humbled until he realizes his need to be delivered from physical and spiritual darkness by the Lord’s gracious intervention – David G. Peterson

VS 10“Here I am Lord”: Notice the difference in response from verse 5. Ananias shows he is present and ready to carry out the Lord’s will. Which response are we? 

VS 11“Behold”: God is emphasizing a change in Saul. 

VS 13“Lord, I have heard”: Ananias is questioning God on his choice in Saul. How often do we doubt, critique, or question someone God has called us to witness to. 

VS 15“Chosen instrument … to carry my name”: God specifically called Paul to bear witness to what he has seen and heard from the risen Lord (Jesus) and to preach His name. 

VS 16“I will show”: God guides! We lead them to Christ and then The Spirit leads them in their walk and life. 

VS 17“Brother Saul”: Ananias is aligning himself as one with Saul through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

VS 18“He regained his sight”: Saul is now able to see things through his renewed Spiritual sight. 

Luke shows us that even the hardest heart can be softened by God and the most ruthless opponent can become a servant of Christ and a vigorous agent of his gospel. When it comes to God’s grace, Don’t count anyone out.