Daniel 12:1-13

Daniel 12:1-13

Daniel 12:10Vintage message from April 12, 1998.

Everybody…has some kind of trouble, some kind of struggle, some kind of hard time that they’re going through… We all have struggles, don’t we? And we can, in fact, put ourself in that place of feeling like we are the only ones that are struggling. We can cut ourselves off from the fellowship. We can cut ourselves off from the body, when in fact, the body is where we need to be because there are people who are concerned…

Eternity away from God is not acceptable. It’s not about heaven. It’s not about mansions. It’s not about golden streets. It’s about relationship with the God Who created us. And, being away from that relationship is not acceptable. And He knew that some of us would seek Him out… He knew that there would be those…who love Him, who desire Him. He knew that we would want that relationship with Him. He knew that so He begins to purify us. He makes us spotless and refines us… Why do bad things happen to Christians? Why do we see hardship? Why do we see financial struggles? Why do we see marital problems? Why do we see times in our lives where we just want to sit down and quit? Because God is refining us. Because He wants to make us spotless…

Wickedness will continue. Understand, God is not going to stop wickedness for your sake. In fact, He may allow you to live right in the middle of wickedness. How do we respond to that? We live our lives for one purpose… There is an inheritance waiting for us. If we will endure, if we will just simply live our lives, if we will go our way, allow God to do in us what He needs to do, allow God to refine us, to work in us, to redeem us, we’ll have an inheritance… The only way to truly be wise is to see the fullness of God’s Word. The fullness of God’s Word is Jesus Christ. The fulfillment of God’s Word was Jesus hanging on a cross [so] that we might have relationship with Him.

Pastor Dave Elkins