Daniel 11:40-45

Daniel 11:40-45

Daniel 12:1Vintage message from April 5, 1998.

One of the things that I have learned throughout the years is that friends that are bought are not friends at all. If you’re my friend because I’ve done something good for you, and I continue to do something good for you, what happens when the bad comes in my life? And let me tell you, if you’re my friend, you’re liable to see the bad. I’m liable to do stupid things. I’m liable to make some major mistakes. Are you still going to be my friend then? See, if I’ve bought your friendship, if I’ve bought your loyalty, as soon as I begin to blow it, as soon as I begin to stumble, you’re gone…

We see devastating things happening on the world. Even today, we see devastating things happening. And somehow we convince ourselves that God must be out of control. But you know what? God is not out of control. God has not lost His power or lost His ability to rule and reign on this world. Everything that He says will happen, will happen. He’s established it for a reason. So you can understand this: that when you find yourself in hardship, when you find yourself in trial, when you find yourself struggling, God knows about it. God is not unaware of who you are and what you’re going through, and He will accomplish what He starts in your life. “He Who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” In His faithfulness, He is not unaware of what you’re going through…

God knows the time that He has laid out for us. God knows the end that’s going to come to us. But you know what? He’s still sitting on that throne. He’s still in control of the universe. He has not forgotten any one of us and what we’re going through… It’s you and I that God has put here to show that He is actually a God of love; a God Who wants to spare them from [the Tribulation]. That’s our job. That’s what God has called us to… It’s very important how we live our lives today.

Pastor Dave Elkins