Daniel 10:4-21

Daniel 10:4-21

Daniel 10:12Vintage message from March 1, 1998.

God’s timing is always perfect. We don’t see that. We don’t understand that. God’s timing is always perfect. No matter how uncomfortable we may find ourselves going through a situation, God’s timing is always perfect…

Because of our sin condition, we are not equipped to always receive the answers that God wants to give us. God has to deal with our sin nature first, God has to deal with our flesh first, and God has to open our eyes to spiritual things before we can get spiritual answers for the things that are going on around us. And, it is usually our flesh that is in the way… We find ourselves in ordeals where we are run down and it is not until we finally hit the very bottom that God will strengthen us…

There are things going on in this world right now that are well beyond our understanding and our sight. There are spiritual battles happening all around us that are far more important than the petty little fleshly things that we deal with from day to day. “God, I don’t have this. God, I don’t have that…” We complain about the pettiest things…but you know what? God cares. God takes the time out of His busy schedule, out of His running the universe, out of His fighting with Satan and his minions. He will draw on the resources that He has set against these demons to come to us, mere men that He loves, to give us an answer. Doesn’t that make you feel special? Doesn’t that tell you how much God truly loves and cares for you?

…Why are you important to God? Why am I important to God? Why would He leave His Holy Spirit inside this mess that I am? Why would He do that? I can’t explain to you the love of God. I wish I could. But you know what? God did it, and for a reason, and because He did it, we need to respond to it. We need to respond to God. If we have sin in our life, just like Daniel, there needs to be fear there because God wants to deal with the issues of sin in our lives. We need to give it up to Him. We need to be ready to fall on our face before God when He reveals Himself to us. We need to be ready and willing to live our lives as vessels that God can live in, work through, work with. And understand, if He’s doing that, there are far greater things, from my perspective, that God could be doing. But from God’s perspective, you and I are the far greater thing that He should be doing, and He has taken the time, and He has taken the resources of all of creation to bring us to that point. Jesus loves you, this I know for the Bible tells me so. It’s very simple.

Pastor Dave Elkins