Daniel 9:20-27

Daniel 9:20-27

Daniel 9:19Vintage message from February 15, 1998.

One of the questions I have to ask myself almost daily is, am I praying, am I seeking God for my good, or am I seeking God for God’s good? Do I want to see the things of God happen in my life? Do I want to see the things of God happen in this church? Do I want to see the things of God happen in the lives of those that God has put around me? Or am I only concerned about seeing the things that will make me comfortable in life? How do we pray today? What are the things that we pray for? What drives us to our knees?

…Daniel is praying because he is concerned about God’s reputation. He is praying because he is concerned about the promises that God made and that he wants God to be looked up to by the nations. When we pray, are we praying, “God, use me so that people will look up to You. Fulfill in me all that you need to fulfill, and if that means tribulation and trials, then do that, Lord, so that people can see how You bring me through these hard things, and then they’ll look up to You.” Once again, I have to confess, I don’t pray that way often…

How do we deal with sin in the world today? For two thousand years we have been able, we have been given the right, we have the tools we need to deal with sin, to atone for sin. How do we do that? By looking at the cross of Jesus. By acknowledging that what Jesus did on the cross was accurate and true, and that He did it for my sin…

Jesus told us how we should live. He’s told us that if we do not live a way that is honoring to Him by allowing Him into our life, that we ourselves will find ourselves in destruction, find ourselves in separation. If God will fulfill His promises to Israel, God will fulfill His promises to the rest of the world. And understand, it can become very uncomfortable for us. We’re in a timeframe — have been for the last two thousand years — that Jesus has allowed His grace and His mercy to be poured out on a world that deserved to be destroyed long ago, and it has only gotten worse. The issues of sin have not been dealt with. We just continue to live in them and close our eyes to them. We have now, today, the privilege of dealing with the issues of sin in our life. If we don’t know Jesus, we have the privilege of saying, “Jesus, I want to get to know You.” We have His Word that we can read. We have comfort in this nation in particular. We have the comfort and the freedom to sit down daily and open up His Word and study it. We have the right to gather together with one another and pray with one another and share with one another and encourage one another and cry on one another’s shoulders. In other nations, they don’t have that privilege today, but grace is still being poured out. God’s mercy is still being shown. But understand, there will be a day when God’s mercy ends and judgement begins; that men will be held accountable for what they did with Jesus… Church, understand, that even though we may find ourselves eternally walking with Jesus, that there are consequences still for the sin that we live in. Jesus just doesn’t close His eyes to it. He forgives it. He throws it as far as the East is from the West. He doesn’t want it in His life. He doesn’t want to remind us for all eternity that we have the sin. He deals with it and He forgives it, but understand He says there will be consequences, and there will be a day of judgement.

Pastor Dave Elkins