Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel 9:10Vintage message from February 8, 1998.

One of the problems I see in society today is that we as believers think that God owes us something. We believe that God, because He’s made promises to us (and He has made promises to us, and He keeps His promise as Daniel points out here: He’s a great and awesome God and He keeps His promise of love), we think, for some reason, that God owes us that, and that we need not give anything in return… One of the problems I see in our nation today is not with “them out there,” not with a world that’s lost, not with a world that does not know God, not with a nation that believes itself to be the greatest nation in the world… The problem is me. The problem is my attitude. The problem is my heart that says, “He’s the one that’s the problem.”

…This is the problem. We live in a place as Christians where we continually live in our lies, secrets, and deceptions, and unfaithfulness to God rather than just being plain honest… We still need to come to this place of dealing with the issues of sin in our lives that we’ve lived by. We still need to come to this place of humbling ourselves before God and not assuming upon His grace, and simply mention to Him what He already knows. “God, I am in full agreement with You that, yes, in fact, I did that thing, and it is sin. Please forgive me.” …Confess before the Lord what He knows… Do you realize what we do when we live in sin, when we fail to admit that the things that we’re doing (that the Bible clearly says are sin), when we find ourselves engaged in them and we deny it, do you know what we’re doing? We’re leaving ourself open to destruction. Nothing, nothing that you can do is more pitiful than knowing, living in, experiencing the love and the power of God, the forgiveness of God, and then turning on God! Turning away from Him and turning to the things of the world and turning to the gods of this world…

God wants us to be in a place of right standing with Him, and just like with Israel, God has always, with those that He’s loved, gone out of His way to make a way for us to deal with our sin. He has always gone out of His way to make sure that we could confess and be right before Him. God doesn’t want us in a place of being separate from Him, but we find ourself in that place because we do not turn to God in righteousness. Righteousness is only confessing our sin and receiving that forgiveness that God has for us. I can not stand before God on my own…because there’s too much sin in my life. Too many things that I’ve done against Him that makes me unrighteous. Even the one unrighteous act has made me completely and totally unrighteous before God, so that if He sees me as righteous, if He gives me righteousness, I know it comes from Him. It’s not me. He has made the way… The bottom line is, when we receive Jesus into our lives we become His children. We bear His Name, and any good that He does through us is not for our sake, but it’s for His Name’s sake…

How do we live our lives for the Lord? Do we allow God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, to work in and through us to bring love to those people that we’re in disagreement with? And when we find ourselves alone, do we find ourselves dwelling on God’s Word, God’s truth? …Do you realize that the only way we’re going to know God is by knowing His truth? His truth is contained right here in His Word, and all we need to do is give attention to His Word. Read it for ourselves. Study for ourselves. Grow. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us through His Word. I know this is a plague on our nation right now, that most of the church…does not pick up their Bible and read it. Most of the people who call themselves Christians today have no clue what’s in God’s Word. They do not give attention to the truth… Why do we have a nation that is in decay? Why do we have a nation, that when it comes to morals, has no idea what a moral foundation is? Because we, God’s chosen, God’s children, God’s bride, do not take God seriously. We do not seek God. We do not turn to God and His Word. We have no clue what God expects of us. But yet, we’ll turn to a world that’s decaying, who does not know God, and we accuse them of all the problems that there are in the world when, in fact, God has simply asked us to be an example and take this Word to the world. How can we take to a dying world the Word of God if we ourselves do not know or pay attention to the Word of God? That’s where the sin is. That’s where the separation is today. That’s why we see a world that’s in decay around us and we see a nation that’s falling apart… [We say], “What can I do? What do my prayers matter? I’m one person!” Well, Daniel was one person. Daniel was one man who felt that if he prayed, if he got serious with God, if he humbled himself before God…that maybe, for the sake of the nation, God would hear him, one person… It starts with one person.

Pastor Dave Elkins