Daniel 8:1-14

Daniel 8:1-14

Daniel 8:14Vintage message from January 25, 1998.

I’ve actually had people ask me, “Why doesn’t God zap people like that?” Well, because, you know what? If God is going to zap people like that, then God has to zap people like this [me]! Because, understand, I have lived within corruption. I have lived within sin. I have tried to justify my own self and live my own life without God, and if God is going to zap people, governments and leaders, because they’re sinners, then God needs to zap me, too. And, you know what? I’m very thankful that God has not zapped me. Now, God doesn’t mind hitting me upside the head occasionally. He doesn’t mind getting my attention… Each of us in this room have struggles. Each of us in this room have trials… God says, “…I know they’re there.” How do we, then, respond to Him? How does our heart respond to the God Who put us in this situation?

…The end of the matter is that God is in control, and what He is allowing us to go through now is for a reason… God knows it, and He has not chosen to reveal every reason that He has for putting us in the situations that He’s put us in. But, understand, He knows, and the end of the matter is that He’s in control. We can get caught up in it. We can lose sight of Who God is because of our problems, or we can keep sight of the fact that there is an end to the matter. There is an end to this nation… There is an end to the corruption. There is an end to the struggles. There’s an end to the trials. The end of the matter is God and His control and His sovereignty and His power and His eternal Being. When we look at that, our problems seem like nothing because God will have His way…

I can tell you all day long, “Don’t worry.” But, we’re going to worry. I can tell you all day long, “Be faithful because God is in control. Trust Him. He’ll take care of it.” But you know what? We’re going to struggle and we’re going to worry. We don’t have to, but even Daniel did. Encourage one another, then. Strengthen one another, then. Be there for one another because we’re going to worry…

I just feel very strongly that God has laid it on my heart to make sure you understand that [persecution] can happen to us. That we need to be preparing our lives and we need to be preparing our children to be ready, if they’re going to stand for Jesus and the Name of Jesus, that they may find themselves, we may find ourselves, in very uncomfortable circumstances.

Pastor Dave Elkins