Daniel 7:1-3

Daniel 7:1-3

Daniel 7:1Vintage message from January 4, 1998.

Sometimes when I’m teaching, I’ll repeat myself over and over again. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to have to say something over again to remind you; to give a message even over again if I have to, because sometimes it’s important that we be reminded so that we can firmly be established in the truth…

Why did God give us prophecy? So it’s a light to us… He tells us that we need to pay attention to it so that it will shine in the darkness that’s in our life… We need to study prophecy even if we don’t fully understand it because it becomes a light and it points toward that day that His physical kingdom will display itself…

As we step into these prophetic chapters, we’re going to read a lot about nations and the corruption of nations and the building up and the tearing down of nations, and we’re going to begin to understand a little bit about how God views the nations, but you know what? God has called us to live in these nations. He’s put us in the United States currently. He’s given us a nation that we must be part of… [Jesus says], “And now occupy until I come.” He gives them a direct order as He goes away… So, what are we to be about? …We have a responsibility to take that which God has given us and use it in the world that He’s placed us in. We’re not to hide from the world. We are to go and be ambassadors.

Pastor Dave Elkins