Daniel 6:13-28

Daniel 6:13-28

Daniel 6:26Vintage message from December 21, 1997.

We don’t always do things the way Daniel would do it. You can, and if you do, great! If you don’t, that’s okay. But if you’re not praying, if you’re not seeking God, if you’re not spending time in relationship with Him, then you’re wrong. Then you’ve missed the boat. You’ve severed the relationship that God wants to have with you… If we’re not communicating with the Father, if we’re not entering into relationship with Jesus, if we’re not allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, we have problems because the communication is closed. It will only go from bad to worse. You think you’re having troubles in life? Continue to walk through life without consulting and having communication with God…

Do you realize that oftentimes the decisions that we make, the way we live our life, the things we do have greater implications than just what’s going to happen in our life? Our moment of pleasure, our moment of desire, the things we want are not necessarily only affecting us. It’s not just about me, but it’s about the people who are around me… you know, we live our lives in such a way that we never think about the consequences of what’s going to happen when we make the wrong decision. But yet we continually, moment by moment make wrong decisions, and then it’s after the decision is made, all of a sudden we begin to see the consequences, and the people around us are being affected…

Oftentimes, if we are living our lives right before God, that also affects those that are around us. It’s not just the wrong decisions that we make but also the right decisions we make. If we make the decision to honor God, there are people around us who are watching. There are people around us who are affected by our relationship with Christ… Do the people around you today know that your God is a powerful God simply because they see how you serve Him? Do the people who associate with you see in you a power, a strength, a life that they themselves can not find? They’ll notice the wrong decisions if you make them. They’ll notice the bad if you do it… [God has] taken those wrong decisions that I’ve made and those mistakes I’ve made and then, in His power, He’s used it as a testimony in my life, and people have seen that, too. Are people looking at you today as a person who truly loves and lives your life for the Lord, because of the relationship you have with Him, and are they affected because of that relationship?

Pastor Dave Elkins

Daniel 6:6-12