Daniel 5:13-31

Daniel 5:13-31

Daniel 5:17Vintage message from November 30, 1997.

When Daniel said something, it was from God and it was true. He had no problem with mysteries, and he had no problem with riddles, and he had no problem with dreams because he took the time to consult God. He took time to pray. He took time to go before the One Who had created him. How many of us actually do that? We run into a problem — how do we try to resolve the problem that we run into? …Oftentimes we turn to the world first! The first thing we try is the methods of the world… There is no problem too small for us to take to the Lord… He doesn’t want to always supernaturally do everything for us because He wants us sometimes to encounter the people of the world so that we can share with them, so that we can become a testimony to them, so that we can allow them to become part of our lives, so that then we can open our mouth to them about how great our God is; about how wonderful He is, and the things He does for us, the provision that He gives to us…

We have to remember where the blessing comes from. We have to remember Who it is that’s working in our life. Otherwise, God simply humbles us… God doesn’t expect us to walk on water. He expected One Person to walk on water, didn’t He? The Person Who was His Son Who He placed on this world…

People will say, “How do we know that the Bible’s even true?” Well, you know what? I’m not going to stand here and argue with you and tell you it is or it isn’t. It’s not my place to prove to you Who God is. It’s not my place to prove to you God exists. It’s my place to tell you that He does, and then it’s up to you to decide… We can decide today that God doesn’t matter… Our kids can grow up and choose to ignore all that we teach today, but we need to at least make sure they have the knowledge.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Daniel 5:1-12