Daniel 5:1-12

Daniel 5:1-12

Daniel 5:11Vintage message from November 23, 1997.

[I] have to ask the question: is God in control of our kingdom? Is God in control of my life? Does He have the sovereignty to do with me what He will? …Being a great man or woman of God sometimes means that there are long periods of time in your life when it seems like nothing happens, but you still trust the God Who is sovereign in your life. That’s what makes a great man or woman of God. We don’t have to see a miracle every day even though I believe we see miracles happen around us everyday if we would just open our eyes… God is doing the miracle regularly, but He expects us to continue to serve. He expects us to continue to make the statement of faith that I’m going to trust Him regardless of what’s happening or how exciting it seems. You know what? Life is not always exciting, but life can always be fruitful. God can use us everyday to bring fruit, not just from our life but possibly from others, and it’s not always exciting work…

It’s not good enough for us to tell our kids that we believe in Jesus. Our kids have to believe in Jesus themselves. They have to come to the place of understanding the sovereignty of God and, you know, they’re not going to do it if we’re living lives that are contrary to that… We want our statement of faith to last through the generations of our family… We need to live lives that make that statement every day…

Do we want to be like Daniel? Do you want to have a life like Daniel’s that will be always remembered? …Do you want to be known as the man in the kingdom who has the spirit of the gods in you? That when people think of [you], are they going to be saying, “[He] is a man of God, who knows God. If you have a problem [he] can solve them because he has the Spirit of God in him.” …I doubt that I’ll ever be the man of God that Daniel was, and it’s probably that very doubt that keeps me in the sin pattern and the bad habits that I have, but you know what? I still want to be used by God, and I definitely want to make the statement that my God is sovereign… My God is sovereign and has the right to make a blood sacrifice to save my soul and to take control of my life. He has the right. And I want to live a life so that my daughters will grow up knowing that and they might live that life, and their daughters and sons may grow up and live that life…; that people will be able to look back and say that at least…Dave was a man of God.

Pastor Dave Elkins