Daniel 4:5-37

Daniel 4:5-37

Daniel 4:37Vintage message from November 16, 1997.

You know what? I have many times done things where my conscience has begun to…smite me… I felt guilty. I was convicted. I knew I was doing wrong. I knew that something was speaking to me. God speaks to us. His Holy Spirit works in us. He tries to convince us. And you know what? He will bring us sometimes to the very point of being terrified. Now, of course, psychologists would tell you that you shouldn’t have those terrified feelings; that those come from people putting guilt on you and that you shouldn’t really feel guilty; that you should have high self-esteem; that you should feel good about yourself. Well, let me tell you something. I don’t always feel good about myself! And I don’t believe God wants me to feel good about myself. That when I am endeavoring to do something that goes against His principles and His Word or what He would have me to do to live for Him, if I’m going against that, then I need to feel terrified. I need to feel bad. I need to feel lousy. I need to feel all of the things that we end up feeling when we are working against God and what He’s trying to do…

Don’t look at the things you have. Don’t look at the things you do. Don’t build yourself up. You know, when you hear the world say you gotta have good self-esteem, let me tell you, you don’t want good self-esteem. You want God-esteem. You want God to esteem you. You want God to build you up. You want God to run your life. You want the Lord Jesus Christ to live inside of you and work through you and work out of you so that when something good happens, you can simply say, “It wasn’t me. It was Him. It wasn’t me.”

…We all struggle with this pride. We all struggle with this need to build ourselves up, but you know what? God wants to build us up. He doesn’t want us building ourselves up. He doesn’t want us putting ourselves on the throne. He wants us putting Him on the throne. He wants us glorifying Him and saying that He’s the One that’s great. He’s the One that does it because, in fact, He is!

Pastor Dave Elkins

Daniel 4:1-5