Daniel 3:1-30

Daniel 3:1-30

Daniel 3:18Vintage message from November 2, 1997.

We need to be able to stand before anyone and tell them, “There is a God, and I trust fully and completely in Him, and if He wants to save me, He will and He can, and we have no doubt that this can happen. But understand, even if He doesn’t meet my need the way I believe it should be met, it doesn’t stop Him from being God. I still will not bow and worship this world. I still will not find myself in a place of abandoning the One that I know loves me and saved me.” But all too often people quickly abandon their faith because God did not perform for them, because they were not firm in their resolve to trust the God Who created them, the God Who loved them, the God Who even gave His Son Jesus to die for them. Are we resolved in our hearts that no matter what we may encounter in life, no matter what may come our way, no matter how hard it is, that God is still God, and He can do in and through us whatever it is He pleases? Are we resolved to allow Him even maybe to put us through a little bit of discomfort?

…When was the last time you prayed and said, “God, this is what I want, but even if You don’t…” I don’t find myself praying like that often. I don’t find myself saying, “God, feel free to not answer my prayer. Feel free to use me as You will. Feel free to put me through very uncomfortable times.” I don’t pray like that! But isn’t this what Jesus prayed when He found Himself in the garden, when He found Himself facing certain death?…What did He ultimately pray? “Not My will, but Yours be done.” This is the place we need to find ourself. This is real faith. This is true faith. Faith that says, “I am the instrument of God, and He can use me how He pleases…and I’m going to trust Him through it.”

…You know what? We’re going to run into people who do not believe in God. We’re going to run into people who do not trust God. We’re going to run into people who despise us because we believe in God. Do you realize that? Let me tell you. We don’t need to beat them up. We don’t need to argue with them. We don’t need to fight with them. We just simply need to love them.

Pastor Dave Elkins