Daniel 1:15-21

Daniel 1:15-21

Daniel 1:21Vintage message from September 28, 1997.

We sometimes find ourselves in situations that we don’t like, situations that we question, situations that we’re uncomfortable with, and we say, “God, why did You allow this to happen? Where are You, God?” And I’ve even heard some people, “Well, this proves that God doesn’t exist! There mustn’t be a God because if there was a God, all this bad wouldn’t be happening.” Well, God knows. He sees it. And in this case, He’s telling them, “I sent you into exile. I’m the One that put you there. Live in that city in such a way that you are a testimony…”

Make your life such that when people look at you, they see your strength, not your cowering, not your complaining, not your griping, not your fear…

We, today, are captive. We’re captive to our flesh. We are captive to a world that does not want to let us go. It wants to drag us into its sin. It wants to drag us into its decay. We are held captive… But you know what? My Lord said He would come back for me one day. He said He’s gone to prepare a place for me and that He’s coming back for me. I can trust His Word, and in the meantime, His plan is to prosper me, to fulfill me. But mostly, do you read it here? To bring me into a place of relationship with Him. This is the most important thing we can learn: is how to be in relationship with the God Who created us…

How many of us live our lives in such a way that when we encounter the world, instead of cursing the world and telling these guys that they’re filthy sinners going to hell, how many of us just simply look at them and say, “Let me prove my faith to you. You may not believe there’s a God, but let me show you through my life that there is a God, and He’s more powerful than the world, and He’s more powerful than the flesh. He can overcome the corruptness.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Daniel 1:1-14