Be Honest With Yourself

Be Honest With Yourself

Be Honest With Yourself

Luke 14:15-35 – February, 27, 2022

Vs 15 – “Blessed is the man”

People may have the kingdom of God offered to them, but if they deliberately neglect the offer, they will be lost forever.

Vs 16 – “Great banquet” 

This is the Gospel message and Christ is the substance of this Great banquet. 

(John 6:35, 55–56.) 

Vs 18 – “Make excuses”

They were invited to Christ but not willing to come. No excuse can justify a person in refusing God’s invitation and not coming to Christ.  (Luke 13:34)

“Infidelity and immorality no doubt slay their thousands; but decent, plausible, smooth-spoken excuses slay their tens of thousands” – J C Ryle 

Vs 22 – “Still there is room

This shows the evil that is in man’s heart. There is a greater desire on God’s part to save sinners than there is on the part of sinners to be saved.

Vs 24 – “Compel people to come in, that my house may be filled”

God doesn’t count his loss. His pity of the lost is no imaginary thing. 

Vs 26 – “Hate”

Hate has nothing to do with emotions or malice. Rather hate is signifying the thing rejected as a result of a choice between two important entities. 

Vs 28 – “Count the cost”

“True love makes great sacrifices for the beloved, and also great demands on the beloved

  • James R. Edwards”

Vs 33 – “renounce all that he has”

Are you willing to renounce everything to follow the Lord? Only you know your heart.