Truth vs. Deception

Truth vs. Deception

Truth Versus Deception

Acts 8:1-25

Nov. 6, 2022

VS 1“Scattered throughout”: this phrase claims the fulfillment of Acts 1:8. (the outline of Acts)

VS 4“Went about preaching the word”: What do we do when faced with opposition? 

VS 5“Samaria”: What is so important about Samaria? 

VS 6-8“paid attention … there was much joy”: the Gospel message brings Joy and Freedom to all who here and respond.

VS 11-12“amazed them … they believed”: Notice the difference between truth and deception.  When God wants to speak, He is not out to trick (amaze) you. He grabs your attention with truth and love. 

VS 16“Had not yet fallen on them”: Why not? Vs 17 is the answer. Our God is a Triune God. 

Reference: Matt 28:19 and Acts 19:1-7

VS 18“laying on of the apostle’s hands”: Simon saw what was happening on the outside and disregarding what was going on in the Spirit (inside). (Vs 15)

VS 20“obtain the gift of God”: God is the one who freely gives what each of us needs for His glory. 

VS 21-22“for your heart … intent of your heart”: God knows what our true motives are.

VS 23“I see”: Peter is exercising the powerful gift of discernment. He is looking at the situation the way God would see the situation. 

VS 24“pray for me”: Don’t be afraid of God. Pray to Him. 

*At times allow others to pray with and for you as well. WE are all ONE body coming together in the name of Christ!