Sermons from February 2019

Sermons from February 2019

Then a cloud appeared and covered them, and a voice came from the cloud: "This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to Him!"

Mark 9:1-29

Review: 8:34-9:1 He teaches not only the disciples, but the crowd that has followed them at a distance while they walked. He calls them all together because He has a message for everyone – not only for His disciples. Denying self means to live as an others-centered person. Parents do this all the time for their children. Jesus would carry a cross, and walk down death row; so must those who follow Him. Are we willing to deny ourselves and…
Mark 8:34

Mark 8:1-9:1

Review: 7:31-37 If the people in the region where amazed at what Jesus had done for the demon possessed man in chapter 5, here they were overwhelmed with amazement or utterly amazed because here was a man they brought to Jesus who was deaf and dumb, both incredibly real physical problems. These were Gentiles and this is made clear when we look at Matthew 15:30-31 where Gentiles praised the God of Israel because of Jesus. 8:1-9 From Jesus’ words it…
Mark 7:36

Mark 7:1-37

Review Last week I confused two locations at the end of chapter six (v53), the coastal city Genneserat on the NW shore of Sea of Galilee and the region of the Gerasenes on the SW shore of the Sea of Galilee with the cities Gergesa, Gadana. and Geresa shown. 6:53-56 Jesus and His disciples has been in this region before when they visited Capernaum and went throughout Galilee. The people remembered and recognized Jesus and with great caring and charity…