Sermons from March 2006

Sermons from March 2006

People are interested in Who Jesus is. They are interested in truth. They may not always receive it, but people are interested. I would say take every opportunity that you possibly have to share that truth, and it will spark people's interests. They will, at least, hear what you have to say. Whether they accept it or not at that time is between them and God.

Luke 19:28-48

Do you know what will bring you peace today? What is your life like? What do you struggle with? What turmoil do you have in your life? Jesus would say the same thing to us today that He was saying to Jerusalem then. Do you know what brings you peace? It is not the cleverness of this world. It is not our ability to look successful. It is not about anything that we can obtain in this world. It is…
Life is hard, and circumstances can certainly be harsh, but our King has left us something. It's called His love.. He wants us to take that love that He left with us and invest it. How are you investing His love?

Luke 19:11-27

It’s not about these walls, it is not about having a nice parking lot, it is not about us living in nice clothes as Christians, and having a place to gather. It’s not about here. It’s about what you do when you leave here. How you live your life each and every day beyond these walls. You’re His servant. You come here to get refreshed each week in order to go out there to serve. That’s what it is to…
Imagine what would happen...if each one of us went out and affected one person's life to bring Jesus to them... What affect might Jesus have on the lives of those people who are within your sphere of influence if you take the time to get to know them.

Luke 19:1-10

We, as believers, are so short-sighted. People are so short-sighted. We only look at what makes us comfortable. We look at our own lives. And we sometimes hoard or hog Jesus to ourselves. Jesus did not come for me. Jesus came for us. Jesus not only came for us. Jesus came for the world. Jesus’ desire was that all men might be saved, but yet, so often, we allow our emotions, we allow how we feel about other people, to…
This is what Jesus does for us. He helps us through the hard times. He gives us wisdom and strength in the hard times. He doesn't always take the hard times away from us.

Luke 18:35-43

Struggle and trial will come your way. We would never know how much we love God or how devoted and committed that we can be to Him if we were never tested in it. He doesn’t just pass right by us because He doesn’t have time for us. I believe that His Holy Spirit, Who is still here today, passes by, stops and ministers to our needs and comforts us in our struggle and, if healing is warranted, then He…