Sermons from December 2005

Sermons from December 2005

If I want to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, I have to be willing to give up me.

Luke 14:15-35

How many of you have ever felt that God is an ogre? Or that God was mean? That God didn’t really care. That God must be sitting up there judging you and punishing you somehow because of the circumstances of your life. Have you ever thought that? Have you ever felt that? First and foremost, God’s Word tells us God is love. He sent Jesus to show us God is love. When He brought Israel out of Egypt, He said…
We're going to be so much happier in life if we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about others.

Luke 14:1-14

This is the problem I find, when we get stuck in legalisms, when we allow legalisms to rule our life, we know very little about God’s Word and don’t care to know the truth of God’s Word. We take what we want from God’s Word, and we use it the way we want, and leave the rest behind. I have, on a few occasions, had conversations with people who wanted to eliminate certain portions of God’s Word because they didn’t…
I'm going to continue to do my Father's work. I'm going to continue to spread the love that my Father had for me. I'm going to be bold. I'm going to step out. I'm not going to run away.

Luke 13:31-35

If you are trying to impress God, guess what? Stop. It’s not going to happen. It doesn’t work. God is not impressed with our efforts. God loves us already. He doesn’t want us performing for Him. If we do things, He wants it to be done because we love Him, and we know He loves us. When we help other, it needs to be done because we love Him, and we know He loves us, not because we are performing…