Sermons from May 2005

Sermons from May 2005

This Book means everything. It's not the paper and the ink that it's made of, but it is the Word that this Book contains. Do you believe God's Word?

Luke 7:18-35

So often I find in our lives that we do not recognize the authority of God. We see His power working all around us. We see His creation. We see His handiwork. But yet, when we get into trouble, how do we handle it? When we have need, how do we handle it? We take matters into our own hands so many times because we don’t recognize the authority of God, and we don’t recognize the name of Jesus as…
Guys, pay attention to who you're learning from. Don't just go out and listen to every philosophy that's on the market. Pay attention to what's being taught. Is it bringing you to a place of seeing your need to draw closer to Jesus?

Luke 6:37-49

We don’t like some of these verses because it means that we, then, have to reevaluate our lives, but the verses are there. And the one thing I promised the Lord many years ago when He called me to be a pastor was that, even if I didn’t like the verse, I would not eliminate the verse or try to change the verse. And sometimes, now, I eat those words. I regret having made that promise, because it’s made me…
Why do we pray? We pray because God wants us to be involved with Him. God wants us talking to Him, and He wants to talk to us... Why do we pray? So we can now God's heart and God's desire. So that we can be right with Him, and we can draw close to Him.

Luke 6:12-36

(The first 30 seconds has some distortion.) You know, the one question I get asked more than any other question, “Why do we pray? What is the purpose? If God already knows all things, why do we pray?” We pray because God wants us involved with Him. God wants us talking to Him, and He wants to talk to us. Just because He already knows all things, we don’t know all things, and He wants us to show interest in…
God's Word is not meant to be manipulated for our comfort... God's Word is meant to touch our hearts right now at this moment, to change what's going on in here.

Luke 6:1-11

How many of you want to be worthy of God’s attention? All of us want to be worthy of God’s attention! We want God to notice us. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret. God has already noticed you, whether you’re worthy or not. And by the way, let me fill you in on another little secret. You are not worthy. None of us will ever be worthy of God’s attention, but that’s the amazing thing about…