Sermons from September 2004

Sermons from September 2004

God's Word is not always fun to hear, and it's not always easy to hear, but it is always what we need to hear.

Matthew 23:1-15

The law is a burdensome thing, but yet each of us still have to live under law. Now, we’re saved by grace. God’s love for us is phenomenal, and His grace is what saves us, but you know what? When I break the law, if I’m going 80 miles an hour down the highway, I’m breaking the law. I am subject to that law, and there are rules and regulations laid out for us in how to live our lives…
We spend a lot of time questioning Jesus. We need to stop questioning, and start studying God's Word. Know His will and His heart's desire for us through His Word. As you get to know Him through His Word, then you get to know Him personally, and you begin to understand and see the display of His power, and we're no longer in error.

Matthew 22:34-46

It’s easy to say “love your neighbor” until they do something that irritates you, and then you’re saying, “God, it was better if I didn’t even know my neighbor!” But in Leviticus they were instructed to not get revenge or to carry a grudge, to not hold onto it, but to love their neighbor. How love their neighbor?… Let them have that place that you would normally take. Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s hard… It goes much deeper than…
First and foremost, we need to know the Word of God. It is not my responsibility to teach you the Word of God. It is my responsibility to encourage you to pick up God's Word and be responsible to study to show yourself approved.

Matthew 22:15-32

We hoard the things of the world, and we gain significance in the things that we have. We establish status symbol by how much our house cost, by how nice our car is. Isn’t this how people present themselves?… We establish status in this world based on money, based on the things that we have that money can buy, and it’s meaningless. It corrodes, it fades, it falls apart, and it goes away, and it is a hypocrisy for us…
Wherever God is, that's where heaven is. Heaven isn't a place. Heaven, once again, is the relationship that we have with the Creator of this universe... You can build a city of gold...but if God's not there, it's not heaven. It's just another fancy place.

Matthew 22:1-14

We look at heaven, again, as that place that we’re going to; that we do not yet have involvement with because we’re stuck here, and who would dare call this place heaven. But you know what? Everything He just described in this parable is talking about life as it was several thousand years ago, and it had to do with the men who lived on the face of this planet at that time, and “heaven is like” wherever God is…