Sermons from November 2003

Sermons from November 2003

He cares enough to let us be challenged, because without challenge we would never know what faith truly is. We would never truly...understand how much God does care.

Matthew 10:21-42

One of the things that we as the church are famous for is worrying. We worry about this. We worry about that. We worry about our jobs. We worry about our families. We worry about the next car we’re going to have. We worry about whether we’re going to wake up tomorrow and still have our home. We worry about so many things. We worry about, am I going to have my job tomorrow? I know a lot of Christians…
There is danger in praying because sometimes God answers that prayer...and you are the one that He chooses to use to answer that prayer.

Matthew 10:6-20

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” And this, I believe, is a prayer that we should be praying still today, because the field is still ripe for harvest. There are still hundreds and thousands of people on the face of this earth, millions, who have no clue Who the Person of Jesus Christ is or Who God the Father is and the…
Do you believe God wants to intervene in your life? Do you believe that God cares enough for you to take care of...every detail of your life? Yes, sometimes it takes some faith, but it's a little bit of faith mixed with a whole lot of [God's] mercy and a whole lot of compassion.

Matthew 9:27-10:5

(Recording ends before the message is complete.) So never, ever, ever be afraid to share what God is doing in your life. Don’t ever think that the little things in your life are insignificant. There are no insignificant events in your life. If God has done it, God gives you the strength to get out of bed tomorrow morning and you didn’t think you were going to have the strength to get out of bed, that’s an amazing testimony, and…
God desires to use you. God desires to use your testimony. God desires to use your perspective. Don't ever believe that your testimony means nothing. Don't believe that.

Matthew 9:18-25

You and I, as we walk through life…we see things, and we experience things, and the Holy Spirit of God touches us… and even though it may not seem exciting, there are exciting things happening around you every moment… And guess what? Even if your [testimony] may not be as exciting as somebody else’s, you need to give it because you may be…a person that I look at and I say, “You know what? I can relate to [you]…” But…
We need to step into where God is, rather than making God come to us. We put demands on God and everybody else. It's not what God is about. Jesus came because He loves sinners, and I'm glad He loves sinners because I was one of them.

Matthew 9:1-17

You know what? As much as there are things that I would like to do in my life, I really want to be in God’s will. I want to be where God wants me to be. I want to be trusting Jesus, even though there are lots of things where I would rather be… Do you know that God loves you? That God desires for you to understand His forgiveness for you? The thing that has kept you out of…