Sermons from September 2003

Sermons from September 2003

Do you know why I want to go to heaven? Because God is there. The One Who loves me. The One Who created me. The One Who desired me long before I desired Him is there. It's where it says He dwells, so I want to go there, because that's where He is. You know what? If God wasn't in wouldn't be heaven.

Matthew 6:15-34

God is looking into your heart. God desires to reward you for your relationship with Him and the motive of your heart and why you have that relationship with Him. It’s all about motive. I know a lot of people who only go to church so they can look religious so that God will be impressed so God will let them into heaven. And so, of course, you have to look at all of the religious things that you’ve got…
Jesus didn't come to make us guilty. We're already guilty! He came to free us from the guilt, to forgive us of the sin, and to fulfill His Father's law which started with love.

Matthew 5:13-20

Blessing isn’t about stuff. Blessing is about attitude: about an attitude of heart. You know what? We all need things in our life. I think we all have far more things than we really need in our life. We can live with a lot less, and God will provide those things that we need. But I think we have developed a wrong theology within our society, that we then look at those things as the blessing. But the blessing truly…