Sermons from July 2002

Sermons from July 2002

Psalm 32:1

Psalms 32-33

Vintage message from July 28, 2002. Do you want to know what real blessing is? The real blessing of life is when you do not have to carry the burden of your own sin. This is the problem with the world. They get up each day. They go off to work. They earn money. They buy homes. They buy cars. They get into relationships, all hoping that somehow this will mask the pain that they’re feeling inside. We step into…
Psalm 30:8

Psalms 30-31

Vintage message from July 21, 2002. (Audio clears up after the first 30 seconds.) Do you realize that even today, we who find ourselves in the depths, who are despairing, who are hurting, who are struggling, can, in fact, exalt the Lord and praise the Lord. We don’t have to let the suffering and hurting keep us down. We don’t have to let it keep us away from God. In fact, the answer is not in hiding, hoping it will go…
Psalm 29:4

Psalms 28-29

Vintage message from July 14, 2002. The most humbling thing you can do in your life is admit back to the Lord what the Lord is telling you. If you’re in sin, you humble yourself and say, “Yes, Lord, I’m in sin.” If you’re messing up, you say, “Yes, Lord, I’m messing up…” In fact, even when you sin, if you are covered with the blood of Jesus, and you recognize that sin because of the blood of Jesus, God…
Psalm 27:1

Psalms 26-27

Vintage message from July 7, 2002. Now how can you be a sinner on one hand and blameless on the other? Well, everyone of us in this room, if we know the Lord, should know the answer to that. I sit here before you today, a blameless man, but guess what? I have a past, and I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but I have a past, and it’s a sordid past, and it’s a horrible past, but…