Sermons from June 2002

Sermons from June 2002

Psalm 21:7

Psalms 21-22

Vintage message from June 23, 2002. So often, we forget to be grateful for the things that God has done for us… And you now what? It’s not wrong for us to pray to God and say, “God, I have need. Fulfill my need.” It’s not wrong to do that, but understand what prayer is for. Prayer is not a time to go to the almighty Santa Claus in the sky to get everything you want, but it is a…
Psalm 19:1

Psalms 19-20

Vintage message from June 16, 2002. Do you realize that there is not one person on the face of this earth that will stand before God, justified because he did not hear the gospel? “God, I should be allowed to get into heaven. No one ever told me the gospel! I had no way of knowing, so therefore it would be unfair for You to send me to hell.” It’s not going to happen that way. No man is justified…
Psalm 18:19

Psalms 18

Vintage message from June 9, 2002. “In my distress I called to the Lord. I cried to my God for help.” Exactly where we need to call for help when we find ourselves in these moments of distress. You know, I really like this about David. David is this great man of God, revered by the world now. We look back and we read this story of a mighty man who served God, for the most part, faithfully. But even…
Psalm 16:6

Psalms 16-17

Vintage message from June 2, 2002. (The first one minute of the recording is distorted.) How often do we think about giving up what’s special to us before our God, because we trust God and He’s blessed us tremendously? How often have we said, “Lord, even though I want that vehicle” or “even though I want that home” or “even though I want that job, I’m giving it back to You. I want it to be Your house, Your job,…