Sermons from November 2001

Sermons from November 2001

John 11:4

John 11:1-44

Vintage message from November 25, 2001. Never underestimate the power of your testimony about Who Jesus is. Even if you never have any power to make the blind see, even if you don’t have the power to see sick people healed, even if you don’t have the power to move the stars and the moon around in the sky, do not believe that you can not be a powerful witness for the Person of Jesus, because guess what? Your very…
John 10:25

John 10:22-42

Vintage message from November 18, 2001. It says, “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘I tell you the truth,’” and this is something hard for any of us to hear, is the truth. I don’t care what the truth is that God has to share with us. We oftentimes do not like to hear the truth, and especially, especially, when that truth means that we have to make change, that we may have to look at what part of our life is…
John 10:10

John 9:35-10:21

Vintage message from November 11, 2001. I’ve asked the question before, and I’m going to ask it again. Does He have the right? Does God have a right to use you the way He chooses to use you? You know what? I deal with people every day that are bitter because of how God chose to use them, and when God finally comes and speaks to their heart, there’s no glory. There’s no excitement. There’s no praise brought to the…
John 9:38

John 9:24-41

Vintage message from November 4, 2001. Can God be glorified with you? Can you [plural], in the lives that you’ve lived, the lives that God laid out for you, regardless of how hard, regardless of how sad, regardless of how much you did not have or how much you had, can God be glorified with you now?… And this is the problem why we oftentimes do not grow in our walk with the Lord: because we revert to what our…