Sermons from September 2001

Sermons from September 2001

John 8:7

John 8:1-11

Vintage message from September 30, 2001. [Jesus] says, “If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” You know what? That’s a hard question for me to deal with in my life. Do I actually have sin? Well, you know what? I know I have sin in my life. “But now, you know, the sins I commit, they’re not as bad as the sins that he commits over there…” But…the fact…
John 7:38

John 7:16-52

Vintage message from September 23, 2001. The one thing most of us fear the most is death. How we’re going to die. When we’re going to die. But you know what? Death isn’t our enemy because Jesus overcame death, and if we are in Christ Jesus, then we don’t face death the way the unsaved do. When the unsaved face death, they’re going into eternity separated from God, but when we face death, we say goodbye to it. We feel…
John 7:7

John 7:1-15

Vintage message from September 2, 2001. [Jesus] is not afraid of offending us, because you know what? We, even as believers, have sin in our life and, from time to time, are asked to address the issues of sin within our life, and we don’t want to! And when we’re reading through God’s Word and we come across that part of our life that God’s Word is addressing, we become offended and rejected and hard-hearted, and we turn away from…