Sermons from June 2001

Sermons from June 2001

John 3:34

John 3:22-36

Vintage message from June 24, 2001. (Original tape ended before the end of the message.) He came for the purpose of saving the world, but He does ask that we believe in Him, and then we’re not condemned. [Do] you want to feel good today? You want to feel right inside about who you are; how you’ve lived? Do you want to resolve the issues of your life? Let me introduce you to Jesus. The One Who came to love…
John 3:16

John 3:1-21

Vintage message from June 17, 2001. Do you know that we, as Christians, do not have to be wimps?… Do you realize that we can be bold? We can be forthright. We can tell the truth. The world won’t like it, but you know what? The world doesn’t like a lot of stuff even about themselves, but we have been asked to stand up and be bold for what we believe and the One in Whom we believe and represent…
John 2:22

John 2:11-25

Vintage message from June 10, 2001. [Do] you know what the very best thing for us is? To allow God to work in our life. To allow Jesus, through the power of His Spirit, to motivate us to loving one another, to sharing with one another, interacting with one another. If we do that, we’ve seen a miracle. We, as people, do not understand how God works. Therefore, we seek after the things of this world. We think that we…
John 2:5

John 2:1-10

Vintage message from June 3, 2001. How many of us are not doing our job, so that when Jesus looks at us, we are [available] for Him to use however He wants to use us?… Do you realize you and I, with our involvement in Jesus Christ, are vessels and, as we’ve been washed with the blood of Jesus Christ, we have been made clean. We just need to be emptied. Emptied of the garbage. Emptied of that which keeps…