Sermons from March 2001

Sermons from March 2001

Mark 14:10

Mark 14:1-11

Vintage message from March 25, 2001. Do you ever ask yourself, when you’re serving the Lord, is anything I do really that significant? Is my life really worth that much? Does anybody really care that I even exist? These are all questions I’ve asked myself many times… And one of the things that we oftentimes forget, especially when we start to criticize what other people are doing around us, that there is plenty of opportunity. We don’t need to criticize…
Mark 13:37

Mark 13:1-36

Vintage message from March 18, 2001. It is not about buildings. It is not about the magnificent things that we can do for God. It’s about the motives of our heart. He doesn’t look at the things that we build. He looks at the life that we live and how we live it… Watch out that no one deceives you. How do you do that? By a careful and regular study of God’s Word. Knowing Him, learning His heart, learning…
Mark 12:36

Mark 12:35-44

Vintage message from March 11, 2001. You either believe God’s Word, trust God’s Word, and obey God’s Word, or you don’t. And you know what? I find there are times I don’t, and because I do know God’s Word, that’s where my heart is called on the carpet. Then I have to come back and say, “Lord, I blew it. I’ve sinned against You. There’s no way around it. There are no loopholes. I’ve sinned against You. Forgive me.” And…