Sermons from August 2000

Sermons from August 2000

Mark 1:35

Mark 1:1-45

Vintage message from August 27, 2000. As we make our statement publicly, before men, that we will love God, we are making a statement that we would make in baptism. A bold, outward, public statement is of great value because then God can speak to our hearts… When we give our lives completely over to the hand of God, He speaks back to us, “I love you, too.” And understand, He’s loved us far longer than we’ll ever love Him.…
2 Kings 22:2

2 Kings 21:1-25:30

Vintage message from August 20, 2000. How many times do we study God’s Word and our hearts are never even moved? I study God’s Word daily, but you know what? I still have those areas in my flesh that I struggle with, and I dwell more on my problems and on my flesh than I do God’s Word at times… We may be a church filled with godly people. We may be a church that has men and women who…
2 Kings 20:3

2 Kings 16:1-20:20

Vintage message from August 13, 2000. Are we worshipping God in our own way or are we worshipping God the way God has asked us to worship Him? …When you step outside of honoring God the way God has asked to be honored, let me tell you, God has a set standard even for us today. He tells us to worship Him in spirit and in truth, and how will we know what the truth is unless we dig into…
2 Kings 13:4

2 Kings 13:1-15:38

Vintage message from August 13, 2000. What defenses do you have in your life that need to be torn down, that need to be taken away? What is it that you hide behind rather than trusting God?… It’s easy for the church, it’s easy for those that are supposed to be righteous, to stand in judgment and look at…the world, those who are living in sin, and say, “They’re living in sin,” but we oftentimes forget to look back at…