Sermons from April 2000

Sermons from April 2000

1 Kings 22:14

1 Kings 22:1-40

Vintage message from April 30, 2000. One of the things I’ve come to learn in my years of being a Christian, that we have to be very careful [with] the alliances we make with the world. We have to live in the world. God placed us in the world for a reason. He wants us to be a light and a witness to the godless in this world, but oftentimes, in trying to be that light and that witness, we…
1 Kings 21:29

1 Kings 21:1-29

Vintage message from April 16, 2000. Do you know what God is passionate about? …As great of a testimony as it is that He blesses us by giving us the things that we need when we pray, God is not passionate about meeting our needs. He meets them. God is not passionate about making sure that we have cars that run; God is not passionate about making sure that we have food on our table; God is not passionate about…
1 Kings 20:13

1 Kings 20:1-43

Vintage message from April 2, 2000. What lengths does God have to go to in our lives to get our attention so that we know He is God? So that we begin to put our trust in Him?… Sometimes — and I pray for the day that this happens in our nation — our leaders have to come to that place of saying, “I will trust in God. I will stand before my nation, and I will trust God…” How…