Sermons from January 2000

Sermons from January 2000

1 Kings 13:9

1 Kings 13:1-34

Vintage message from January 30, 2000. This is the lesson that God, I believe, wants all of us to learn… We turn to friends oftentimes when we’re in trouble, we turn to friends when we’re struggling, we turn to pastors, we turn to people of importance, people that we think we can trust. But understand something. If you have not turned to God first and foremost, you have not turned to the right place. If you’re struggling with something, you…
1 Kings 12:24

1 Kings 12:1-33 and 14:21-31

Vintage message from January 23, 2000. People have abandoned the study of God’s Word, people have abandoned the knowledge of God’s Word, and they’ve refined it down to principles of God’s Word. It is no longer the Ten Commandments, but the ten suggestions, and if it’s convenient we might follow them. And then God sent us His Son, Jesus who said, “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. I will fulfill the commandments for you, I will live the law…
1 Kings 11:38

1 Kings 10:1-11:43

Vintage message from January 16, 2000. Sometimes…in our lives we begin to experience hardships. We begin to experience anger and mistrust of people around us. It’s always a good idea at that point in your life — when you begin to feel the heat of struggle in that way — to say, “Lord, have I done something to offend You? Am I out of Your will in some way?” because, understand, God does not mind using the things world and…
1 Kings 9:20

1 Kings 9:10-28

Vintage message from January 9, 2000. We fall into this trap too often of thinking that we need to do something for God. We need to be God’s friend and do Him a favor. We need to make a sacrifice to God to impress Him… When we do not follow God’s Word, when we do not study God’s Word, when we do not allow God to have that place in our life, when we abandon the principle of God and…
1 Kings 9:5

1 Kings 8:12-9:9

Vintage message from January 2, 2000. God did not wait for us to be good. God did not wait for us to do good. God did not care about the goodness that came from us. He loved us. He loved that that He created, and He desires for that that He’s created to be in relationship with Him. But so often, too often, we mistake God’s love and God’s blessing in our life as being something that we deserve, and…