2 Samuel 24:1-25

2 Samuel 24:1-25

2 Samuel 24:25Vintage message from November 7, 1999.

We are never truly right with God until we allow God to expose who we are, until we allow God to deal with our issues of sin, and sometimes it’s painful… Oftentimes we find ourself saying [this] of ourself, “I’m the ruler of my castle. I’m the ruler of my existence. I’m the one that has the right to make the decisions for myself. God, leave me alone!” But we truly do not want God to leave us alone…

We have those same issues of sin, and you know what? God gives us salvation, and He gives us salvation freely. He paid the price. He sent His Son. His Son died [so] that we no longer have to die for our sin, but I’m not going to stand here and tell you that it’s going to cost you nothing. In fact, I’m going to tell you it’s going to cost you your life. Jesus tells us that we need to come to Him and become bondservants. That we need to choose willingly to accept, receive, live for, have Him as our Lord and our Savior. But in receiving Him and becoming that bondservant, it costs us everything. Our right to make our own decisions. Do you realize when you give your life to the Lord you’re not making your decisions anymore, and if you are, you’re living in a backslidden state? You don’t have the right to go where you want to go, and you don’t have the right to be what you want to be. If you’re not inquiring of the Lord, then you’re walking into trouble. And so often, we flippantly say, “Thank You, Lord, for Your free salvation,” and then we run off and do our own thing… We go on, day in and day out, living for what makes me comfortable; issues of sin that sometimes we don’t even know are there. God wants to reveal our hearts… God wants to show us, even if it means through great pain and great suffering, He wants to show us what we can be and bring us out of what we are.

God wants us to love Him, and He wants to love us, and He wants us to walk right before Him. And He will go to whatever length He has to go to…because let me tell you something… you are special to God. He created you for a purpose. He loves you with purpose. He desires you with purpose. And He is not going to relent. He will not give up. He will pursue you into your old age and onto your deathbed if He has to… He will let you make your own decisions, and He will let you make ruin of your life, but He will not stop pursuing you because He loves you. He cares deeply. Deeply enough, so deep that He even sacrificed His Own Son… Let Him reveal your heart. Let Him deal with those issues. Don’t hide from it. Don’t run from it, even if it’s uncomfortable. Let Him have His way.

Pastor Dave Elkins