2 Samuel 22:1-51

2 Samuel 22:1-51

2 Samuel 22:2Vintage message from October 24, 1999.

When was the last time that you knew that God delighted in you? I’m here to tell you, God delights in you. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you’ve done. God, the God of eternity, Who sees past, present, and future, knows everything about you. God Who created you created you for a purpose. Not to be His slave, but to walk in love relationship with you! He delights in His creation, and He simply, only wants His creation to recognize that; to call out to Him, and acknowledge, “God, I see You. I know You’re there, and I know You delight in having me in relationship with You.” Can you say that? “God, I know you delight in me…”

How do you perceive God? How do you see God in your life? What relationship do you have with the Creator of this universe? Do you see God as your strength? Do you see God as your avenger? Do you see God as the One Who empowers you and brings you through your every day?… How do you picture God? Is He strong enough to handle the plumbing problems? The school problems? The work problems? The computer problems?… Do you see Him coming down from heaven when you’re in trouble to pick you up and rescue you?… Do you see God taking you in His hands? Do you see God loving you so much that He would care when you’re struggling, that He would pick you up, and that He would fight your battles? When you become tired, when you become worn out, when you become frustrated, when you see no possibilities, when you’ve done all that you can possibly do, and you’ve come to the end of yourself, do you finally see yourself calling out to the God Who created you, and then seeing heaven open up, and lightning flashing around, and your enemies fleeing in terror? And where you were once surrounded, God picking you up and putting you in an open space, clear from the danger, clear from the troubles, clear from the trials. Jesus tells us that we have to live by faith. Much of the life we live, especially the life that we’re going to live before God, the trust that we’re going to put in God, the times that we pray, our prayers are going to be prayed in faith…

How do you picture God? How do you see your relationship with Jesus Christ? How do you see the Creator of this universe interacting with you?… If you can’t see it, I would challenge you this morning…to go find a place where you can hide away, where you can spend the time before your Creator, and you call out to Him, cry out to Him, and tell Him how you feel about things. And He will respond to you, because He responds to those who pray. He responds to those who believe. He responds to those who cry out to Him. He wants us to cry out to Him…

God is not impressed with the things we do. God is only impressed with the relationship we have with Him… How do you see God in your life? How do you see the salvation that God has offered you? What kind of lives do you live that shows that God is your strength? These are questions I have to ask myself.

Pastor Dave Elkins