2 Samuel 18:19-19:8

2 Samuel 18:19-19:8

2 Samuel 18:22Vintage message from September 19, 1999.

Sometimes I do things for the Lord believing that, in the end, there will be a reward. Sometimes I step into service to God, and I think when I step in, when I volunteer, when I say, “Yes, I’ll do it,” that when I get to the end that there’s going to be some reward; a pat on the back; a “well done.” And this is the attitude I told you that God was dealing with in my heart this week, but God tells us that when the end of this flesh comes, if we have continued to serve Him to that point, then He greets us with, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” but He never promises that there will be that “well done” any time before. Do you realize you can serve God all your life and never once hear, “Thank you.” And do you realize that this is where men of God burn out. This is where men of God walk away from ministry. This is where men and women have become so frustrated that they have stopped serving God, because somewhere in their life they have said, “God, You are not fair. You have not given me the thanks. You have not shown me appreciation. I have given my life to You. I have served You well, and now I deserve reward,” and God stays silent. “God, that’s unfair!” But you know what? God is not fair, and I praise God that He is not fair… But God does not deal with us in fairness. God deals with us in love. God deals with us with a purpose to show love, not just to me but to a world, and He will use me…

We do not recognize the consequences that sin causes in our life. We live for the moment, we live for the pleasure, and we never, ever really stop to look at what it might mean two days down the road, two years down the road, or twenty years down the road. You know, it may not have an effect on anybody else around you, but it will have an effect on your heart. When we fall to sin, if we do not deal with the issue of sin immediately before God…if we then do not repent of the sin fully, it follows us, and continues to hinder us in our walk with the Lord…

The sinful nature is there to destroy us. When Satan offered the sin nature to Adam and Eve, he offered them their destruction. God has offered us His Spirit… Sometimes we can be brought to the place, because of our own sin, that we walk away from God, that we live for ourself. Even if it hurts everybody around us, we begin to live for ourself. That’s a tragedy.

Pastor Dave Elkins