2 Samuel 18:1-18

2 Samuel 18:1-18

2 Samuel 18:4Vintage message from September 12, 1999.

This is one of the most important understandings as believers that we can come to in our life: outside of receiving Jesus into our life, I would say the next important thing that we need to know, that we need to understand, is that then we need to be faithful, and we spend the rest of our Christian walk learning how to be faithful… And as I grew older and as I walked closer to the Lord, as I studied the Word, faithfulness to His call became easier and easier. But, that does not mean that the circumstances were easier and easier. You find that the closer you walk to the Lord, the harder it seems that the circumstances of your life become. But you know what? That’s why we’re told, “Rejoice always! In all things give thanks.” We are commanded to rejoice; we are commanded to give thanks, because we’re to keep our eyes off of the circumstances and keep our eyes on the One Who has allowed the circumstances to happen to us…

And I believe it is the question that you and I are faced with every day: we have in our lives those circumstances and those people that represent Absalom, and we don’t want to let them go. Absalom, to me, in this verse represents the flesh… The very thing you and I struggle with daily: making decisions in the flesh. Remember the message, who has the right to be on the throne? It’s still a battle for the throne. Who has the right to rule and reign over me? Absalom felt that he had the right to rule and reign. There are parts of our lives that will try to convince us daily that they, it, whatever it is, has the right to rule and reign and make the decisions for me. My flesh tells me daily that it wants to do this or it wants to do that. It gives me its opinion all the time. But you know what? My flesh is not always where God wants it to be. And there are times that God’s call in my life goes completely and totally against what my flesh wants to do, and then I’m in a dilemma. Then I have to put my own flesh to death… Do you realize that our flesh is not compatible, no matter how much we love it,…our flesh is in no way compatible with the things of the Spirit. And we’re told by Jesus to put it to death. The flesh needs to die. God is not concerned about the flesh of a man. God is concerned about the spirit of a man. God wants to see us grow spiritually in Him. He wants to see us grow strong in obedience to Him; faithfulness to Him. He wants us to live lives that are at peace, even when there’s no peace to be found. God’s desire for us is that we step outside of the desire of our flesh and follow Him…

One of the things I’m noticing is a call to the churches is to hold on, endure, finish the race, work through it, be faithful. God wants us to complete what He’s starting in us. He wants us to walk with Him [so] that He can complete what He’s started in us… Do you realize that if you were living perfectly in the spirit today, that nothing that this world could offer to you would bother you, because the Spirit has already overcome! The Spirit already had the victory! God already knows the end! If you’re living completely and totally in the power of the Holy Spirit today, you would not be uncomfortable at all. But if you’re feeling the discomfort because of the things people do and say around you…it reveals a living and active flesh that needs to be dealt with. God will deal with our flesh. He loves us desperately, and He wants to work in us the miracles… God loves to perform miracles… There are times that God wants it to be such a miracle that we say, “This could only happen by God’s hand.” …We can either strive to allow the flesh to continue to get in the way, to keep our flesh alive, or we can step aside from our flesh, knowing that it’s uncomfortable, knowing that it’s going to hurt, …when our lives become uncomfortable, we know that God just simply, once again, is taking that part of my flesh that needs to die.

Pastor Dave Elkins