2 Samuel 17:15-29

2 Samuel 17:15-29

2 Samuel 17:21Vintage message from September 5, 1999. (The original message was cut off at the end.)

How many of you have found yourself facing a struggle, facing a hardship as a believer in God, saying to God, “This was not supposed to happen this way. If You’re God, why didn’t You take care of it before it got to this place?”… We are all called to serve God in one way or another, and let me tell you, regardless of what delusions of grandeur we may have when we hear the call of God in our life, that it is not always easy to fulfill the call of God in our life…

When God calls you, He will equip you to accomplish what He’s called you to do, but He asks of you, be faithful to the call no matter how hard it gets, no matter how mundane it gets, no matter how boring it gets, no matter how little you understand about the call, if you know you’ve been called to it, be faithful to it, and know that if you’re faithful to the call, the enemy will be on your heels. And sometimes, sometimes you may even have to find yourself crawling into a dark place to pray; getting into that place of protection. The only place of protection that a Christian has is before the throne of God, at the feet of God in prayer, seeking God’s will, seeking God’s love, seeking God’s peace. If I am in a place of struggle, and I don’t understand why I am in that place of struggle, I want God’s peace in my life. It is the peace of God that assures me that I’m heading in the right direction even though I don’t understand it, even though it’s confusing, and even though it’s hard. God’s peace gives me that direction. Keep going. This is my call. You don’t see the whole picture. God saw the whole picture…

Are we trusting? In our walk with the Lord today, are we trusting that God knows what He’s doing with us? Even if we don’t fully understand. Even if we don’t see tomorrow. Even if we don’t see to the next week. Even if we don’t see ten minutes from now. Do we believe that God has called us to this direction that He’s sending us? And if God knows, and if God has called us, then we need not worry no matter how hard it gets. We just seek the peace of God. We wait. Sometimes we have to crawl into that dark place and wait for God to frustrate the enemy enough that the enemy leaves. God knows. The direction is always the same. God is on the throne, and when we seek God’s advice, He gives His advice, and He gives His call to our life. And if He calls us, He doesn’t always tell us it’ll be easy, but if we are faithful… But we find ourselves so often waning in faithfulness to the call of God that we begin to whine and cry and fight against God and walk away from the call, rather than wait and be patient for God… What happens when we’re faithful? we see the blessing of God poured out. We see the provision of God poured out. We see the love of God poured out.

Pastor Dave Elkins