2 Samuel 13:1-39

2 Samuel 13:1-39

2 Samuel 13:21Vintage message from July 25, 1999. (Poor and incomplete original recording.)

One of the things I see in our society today: there are a lot of people who love God…but you look at their household and their households are a wreck! Their children are running crazy, running wild. The parents may go to church but the kids have nothing to do with God… They’re not taught to love the Lord God. They are not taught God’s Word and the reason that God wants us to know His Word. They’re not taught how to study God’s Word and to see that there is a love relationship. When we can understand God’s Word…there is a love relationship that begins to grow and develop…

We [can] all come to that place in our life where we begin to despise God’s Word; where we begin to question God. “God, why didn’t You let me do that? Why won’t You let me have that? Why don’t You let me go there? Why won’t You let me have my way? It’s okay for You to give everybody else those rules and regulations, but God, I’m special and I’m different, and I want to do it, besides.” We begin to despise and question God’s Word in our life…

[Parents] are to impress [God’s Word] upon the hearts of our children. Not just tell them… It says impress it upon them. A very active word: impress. Not just tell. Not just make sure they know.

Pastor Dave Elkins