2 Samuel 11:1-17

2 Samuel 11:1-17

2 Samuel 11:2Vintage message from June 27, 1999.

But understand…that no one — I don’t care who you are, how long you’ve walked with God, how much you’ve loved God, how strong you think you are in your walk with the Lord — anyone in the right circumstances [can] fall… What causes [King] David to fall is he begins to put aside his responsibility. He begins to take lightly the responsibility that God had given him…

This is another problem we have: once we’ve fallen into sin, rather than just owning up to it and dealing with it, we try to hide it! Do you realize you can not hide your sin for very long… When we fall into sin and we’re trying to hide it, even if we hide it from everyone around us, even if nobody knows what we’ve done, God still knows what we’ve done, and God isn’t going to let us out of it. God isn’t this kind of God that sits up there on His throne looking at us, waiting for us to sin so He can zap us with lightning…but you know, this is our view of God oftentimes. And so, when we sin we try to hide it from Him! Hide it from everybody. Try to get rid of it so that if nobody else knows it maybe God doesn’t know it. But you know what? God knows it… He’s not up there waiting to zap us when we sin, and oftentimes He’ll let us fall to the sin. He’ll let us wallow in our sin. He’ll see how far we’ll go in our sin before He finally intervenes and says, “Guys, I love you. I want to deal with this…”

God understands that each of us is born with that sin nature, and He’s calling to us, and He’s asking us to be part of Him, and to allow Him to work with us and work through those problems. But like [King] David, we find ourselves so often trying to hide from the sin, trying to deny the sin, trying to cover up the sin. And the fact is, there is none of us, not one of us in this room, that is too old to fall to temptation…so just, get it right! Don’t try to hide it… And this is what I want you to know today. God is merciful, and God is loving, and I don’t care what sin you find yourself in, I don’t care what you find yourself struggling with, I don’t care where you’re at or who you are; there’s a God in heaven that loves you. There’s a God Who created you, that wants to have relationship with you, and He simply wants us to stop hiding the sin that we live in. He wants us to live in the truth, even if it’s an ugly truth. All of us have ugly truth in our life, but the ugly truth is better to be spoken than a very nice lie… The lies don’t work. God wants our truth. God wants us to deal with these issues in our life.

Pastor Dave Elkins