2 Samuel 7:17-29

2 Samuel 7:17-29

2 Samuel 7:18Vintage message from May 23, 1999.

“Oh, God, who am I? Why me?” Have you ever found yourself asking that question? I mean, I know many people in the midst of a trial will say, “Oh, God, why me?” But have you ever looked on that trial as a blessing from God? Jesus said, “In this life you will have tribulation.” But you know what? Most of us moan and groan and cry over the fact that we have tribulation, but Jesus said, “But, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” Where’s the blessing? The blessing is in that Jesus, Who overcame the world, is offering Himself to us! The trial is going to be there. I can’t stop it. He’s not going to stop it. His Holy Spirit has not said that we’re not going to go through it… If we will received Jesus then we can truly be of good cheer, even in the trials, even in the hard time. And when the blessings especially are poured out on us, we should be seeing this concept that [King] David understood, and look up to heaven and say, “Oh, God, who am I that I should deserve such great blessing?”…

If you ever have a doubt as to whether or not God loves you, or whether or not He knows your future, read the Bible! It’s laid out clearly, and it’s given to you, and there are promises in God’s Word that are made directly to you… God owes us nothing, but He’s given us everything. God owes us nothing, but He has given eternity, and it’s all for His sake and for the sake of His Word… You know, it’s not wrong to ask God to keep the promises He’s made. It’s not wrong to say to Him, “Fulfill that promise so that Your Name will be great. Lord, use me…”

He was the One that made the promises… He wants us. He chose us. He loves us. If He loved us that much that He has gone to such great lengths to have us, we owe it to Him. We owe Him our lives. He doesn’t owe us. We owe Him. God, if you can take a mess like this and use it for Your glory, go ahead. There’s not much here to use… It’s not because I’m usable. It’s because God is great and because He’s powerful that He can use me, and He can use you. It’s because of His Spirit that works in and through us that makes the good happen. He pours His blessing on us because He’s chosen us, because He loves us. We have no excuse. When we don’t respond to God, when we don’t pray, when we don’t set that time aside, when we don’t give ourselves to Him, we have no excuse.

Pastor Dave Elkins