2 Samuel 7:1-16

2 Samuel 7:1-16

2 Samuel 7:5Vintage message from May 9, 1999. (Poor original recording.)

As believers today, oftentimes we allow ourselves to try to “build God a house.” We try to do things for God to do Him a favor. We try to do things for God to help Him. We try to establish God’s kingdom in our own strength. I believe each of us has to ask ourself this question: in anything we desire to do for God, am I the one to build a house for God?…

Do you want to build a great temple for God? Ask Jesus to come into your life… Let Him fill you with the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit moves in, this “tent” then becomes His temple…

We get caught up in God blessing us, pouring His blessing out on us, that then we turn and want to do something good for Him. Do you realize that there is nothing good that we can do for God other than to let Him dwell within us?… Do you know what you’re called to? You’re called to be a living, moving, breathing temple that others can come to and enter into a place of worship before God. Think about it! What is a temple for, but to be a representation for the deity that it stands for. Our temple represents the Lord God Almighty, the Great I Am, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Power of His Spirit. We are to be a dwelling for the Holy Spirit so He can take us out beyond these walls to a lost and dying world so that that lost and dying world can see and know the love of God.

Pastor Dave Elkins