2 Samuel 3:22-39

2 Samuel 3:22-39

2 Samuel 3:37Vintage message from March 21, 1999.

The problem isn’t what men are doing. The problem starts in the heart… Jesus understood the heart attitude of a man, just as Jesus understands the heart attitude that we have in this room right now… God does not want us to harbor in our hearts feelings of resentment and anger towards those that are around us…

What are we willing to live with? What are we willing to do to honor and serve God? What if God asks us to step back and serve under someone, become someone’s subordinate that we absolutely hate? Can we do that? Let me tell you something. There shouldn’t be anybody who you absolutely hate, because if you absolutely hate them then you’ve already broken God’s Word. Are we willing to look at those whom would be declared God’s enemy and love them? Do you realize that anyone who is on the face of this planet right now who has not stepped into a relationship with Jesus Christ is technically God’s enemy? Good, bad, or otherwise? They’re God’s enemy, because they have rejected Jesus and what Jesus did on the cross. Do we love them? …It’s the heart attitude that we have — the heart attitude that God is trying to change in us…

We have the advantage today. We have God’s Word. We have the understanding of how God wants us to live. We no longer have to be angry. We no longer have to take revenge. We no longer have to seek our own way. We no longer have to sue our brothers and sisters. We no longer have to develop life for ourself, but we can, today, trust God… When your eyes are on the wrong thing, the attitude of your heart begins to change. Anger and resentment and bitterness begin to build… We still have the advantage. We have to power of God’s Holy Spirit and we have His Word that we can study. We have the direction that more clearly defines for us how we can interact with each other, and even, yes, in the most brutal of situations we do not have to respond in bitterness and anger. We don’t have to, because even in that, God is still in control.

Pastor Dave Elkins