2 Samuel 1:1-27

2 Samuel 1:1-27

2 Samuel 1:23Vintage message from January 31, 1999.

David for years refused to kill Saul even when he had the opportunity because he knew that Saul was in God’s hands. He was the Lord’s anointed. God put him there. Let God deal with him. When was the last time we found ourself saying that about the problems that we face? They’re God’s problems. They’re not my problems. Let God deal with them because God knows how to deal with them…

For generations people have been living in sin, and other people have been living in that same sin because they look at the other person and say, “Well, he’s doing it. Obviously it’s okay if he’s doing it…” Eventually our lives are going to affect our children. Our lives will affect the people around us. And our lives have also been affected by the people who are in our life…because people are not willing to say, “Enough is enough. The sin stops here! I will not allow it to go any further than this. I will call it sin. I will deal with it as sin, and I will get rid of it because it is sin…”

I don’t care who you believe your enemies are, they’re not your enemies. They’re God’s enemies. Let God deal with them. In fact, you’re better off if you have no enemies. Even if you look at the person who would spitefully use you and take advantage of you or harm you, if they’re doing that, let God deal with that, because in God’s eyes, from God’s perspective we all, each one of us deserves to be called His enemy, and He didn’t leave it that way. He doesn’t desire to call us enemies. He desires to forgive. He desires to purify. He desires to cleanse us from that sin that’s in our life that makes us the enemy… We, too often, allow for the problems of our employers to be our problems. We allow for the problems of our mate to be our problems. We allow for the problems of life that goes on outside us to be our problems. They’re not our problems. If we are walking right with the Lord, if we will stay strong in our relationship with the Lord, they are the Lord’s problems… If you have need, if there are problems in your life, if you will simply seek Him first, He’ll deal with it. He will deal with it. He doesn’t need us getting in the way.

Pastor Dave Elkins