2 Kings 6:1-23

2 Kings 6:1-23

2 Kings 6:17Vintage message from June 11, 2000.

When you’re in a dilemma — and we will all face dilemmas, we will face those times that we just do not have the answer — do not be afraid to turn to a brother or sister around you and seek the answers from God. God has the answers, and He has given us the body around us, to be part of and to use to see God’s miracles performed. Do you realize there is nothing that we should go through as believers by ourself? Nothing. You say, “Oh, but I’ve got some personal issues!” If you’re part of the body…if you have a dilemma, if you have a struggle, you need to share it so that someone can pray with you, so that someone can be part of the miracle that God wants to perform in your life. It serves you no good to hide. It serves you no good to keep it to yourself. And understand, it is not bravery to keep it to yourself. There is nothing brave about withholding from the body of Christ when God wants to do a miracle. Nothing brave. We need to be about sharing who we are and what God is doing and allow God to use others in our lives and see the miracles happen…

Do you realize that when you are serving and trusting God that God’s protection is about you? That God will protect those who will seek after Him?… But so often, we run the race, we serve God, we try and we try and we try, and things don’t seem to go our way. We don’t get our way. We don’t get what we want when we want it, but yet we serve God, and after a while, we get tired of serving God, and…we end up having to walk away, and then the miracle happens, and we miss out. We miss out on having our eyes opened…

Do you know that when you preserve life, when you seek to bring peace to a conflict, when you step out in faith even though it might cost you your life, and you preserve life, that you have performed a miracle through the hand of God? We don’t have to fight. We don’t have to prove ourselves… We can have a great influence on our society simply by standing firm in our faith in Jesus Christ; seeking God to open the eyes of those around us. But understand, we run a great risk if we have wrong motives in our heart, [if] we seek God with wrong motives, if we think we can get something out of it or take advantage of God, understand…we may end up missing the miracle of having our own eyes opened at a time that’s vital in our life. I would prefer that we, as believers, trust God to use us to be part of opening the eyes of those in the world, sharing His love, sharing the faith that we have, not panicking every time we get into a hard situation, but simply trusting God to do the miracle through us.

Pastor Dave Elkins