Sermons from November 1999

Sermons from November 1999

1 Kings 1:30

1 Kings 1:1-53

Vintage message from November 28, 1999. God always keeps His promise, even if we fail to keep ours… And this is my hope, this is my desire, and this is where I believe we need to be everyday of our life: do you realize that we, just as the children of Israel, are people of a covenant? We are the people of the new covenant. We are the people that Jesus came to, to shed His blood for, that said,…
2 Samuel 24:25

2 Samuel 24:1-25

Vintage message from November 7, 1999. We are never truly right with God until we allow God to expose who we are, until we allow God to deal with our issues of sin, and sometimes it’s painful… Oftentimes we find ourself saying [this] of ourself, “I’m the ruler of my castle. I’m the ruler of my existence. I’m the one that has the right to make the decisions for myself. God, leave me alone!” But we truly do not want…