Sermons from May 1999

Sermons from May 1999

2 Samuel 7:18

2 Samuel 7:17-29

Vintage message from May 23, 1999. “Oh, God, who am I? Why me?” Have you ever found yourself asking that question? I mean, I know many people in the midst of a trial will say, “Oh, God, why me?” But have you ever looked on that trial as a blessing from God? Jesus said, “In this life you will have tribulation.” But you know what? Most of us moan and groan and cry over the fact that we have tribulation,…
2 Samuel 7:5

2 Samuel 7:1-16

Vintage message from May 9, 1999. (Poor original recording.) As believers today, oftentimes we allow ourselves to try to “build God a house.” We try to do things for God to do Him a favor. We try to do things for God to help Him. We try to establish God’s kingdom in our own strength. I believe each of us has to ask ourself this question: in anything we desire to do for God, am I the one to build…
2 Samuel 6:21

2 Samuel 6:12-23

Vintage message from May 2, 1999. How many of us have ever become angry at God because He didn’t do things the way we wanted Him to, when we went out of our way to honor Him! “I went out of my way to do something good for God! How could He not bless me for it? How could He not do what was right by me? God owed me! I was doing Him a favor! After all, I know…